Lavage Opal Package

This membership package allows you to send in a maximum of 2 wigs a month. Each month your wigs will receive the love and care it needs with our amazing treatments. You can send in any 2 wigs of your choice – free delivery and returns included.

Membership includes:

Blonde Bombshell Wash

Intensive Deep Moisture treatment

Oatmeal + Honey treatment

Prepaid mail shipments

Monthly wig washing reminders

Exclusive access to new services, offers and special products.

Refer a friend and get 15% off of your next subscription cycle fee

*(Please note that our one-month subscription is a rolling subscription that renews automatically once every month and our three-month subscription renews every three months. All one-month rolling memberships are for a minimum of two months).

From: £65.00 for 1 month