Lavage Oatmeal & Honey Treatment

Wig-care is self-care, so this is a real spa day for your wig! Treat it to a refreshing cleanse and soothing treatment, which also enhances the colour.

We’ll coat it in our Oatmeal and Honey hair mask (trust us, the smell is orgasmic!), and finish off with a high-gloss glaze leaving it feeling silky, smooth and shiny.


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Your wig receive a pre-shampoo mineral remover, removing dull mineral and pollutant build-up. Great if you have coarse, stiff, dull or unresponsive hair.

Your wig will then go through a deep intense cleanse and conditioning process; removing any make up and glue build up – this will be followed by your wig receiving an oatmeal and honey treatment, leaving your wig looking silky!

Includes a choice of styling finish.

1 review for Lavage Oatmeal & Honey Treatment

  1. Ola

    The service received was excellent. As for my wig it was revived and smelled heavenly. The curls were beautifully done. I was looking and feeling more than a billion pounds when i put it on. I am definitely sending more wigs in. Looking and feeling good matters a lot to me but with being a new mum and lockdown, I wasn’t feeling 100 percent. Lavage took me to 1000%.
    Thank you ❤️

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Any questions? Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions.
Alternatively, feel free to contact us.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, simply email us at we’ll help you resolve any issues.

Do you treat synthetic wigs?

Our treatments are specially formulated for human hair wigs and extensions.

What happens to my wig once you receive it?

Before we begin the treatment process, we’ll inspect and evaluate your unit as soon as it arrives at our studio.

We’ll contact you to let you know if we’ve found any damage, and whether we can carry out the treatment. However, in most cases we will not treat a damaged unit. If there is any sign of damage, we’ll take photographs and upload them to your account (if you have one), or email them to you before any work is carried out on the hair.

How will you ensure my wig doesn’t get mixed up with someone else’s?

We’ll send you full instructions on what to do in a confirmation email once you complete your purchase. Once your wig arrives at our studio, it’ll receive a unique ID to avoid any mix-ups.

What is ‘gloss gaze’?

Gloss glazing is a method used to make hair reflective and ‘glowy’. It’s a way of describing hair that’s ultra-smooth, soft and shiny.

How do I get my wig sent in to you safely?

We’ll send you full instructions once you complete your service, but you’ll need to ensure that your package includes a note with your full name and treatment you’ve selected so we can match it with your order on our end. Please note that Lavage Haircare does not cover the cost of sending your wig into us, but we do send it back to you free of charge.


Yes you can depending on how big the colour transition is. However we will advise you on the necessary steps needed to achieve the ultimate results.

Can I send in a damaged wig?

Unfortunately, if there is damage at the base of your wig we won’t be able to treat it to avoid any further damage to the unit. If you’re unsure, feel free to email us a picture of your wig and we’ll happily see what we can do. Send your image to

How long will the whole process take from booking in the unit to receiving it back?

 Depending on the treatment you’ve selected, the process should take around 4-6 days. We’ll always let you know if there are likely to be any delays.

My wig is expensive, will there be any protection for it?

All wigs are fully insured whilst in our care. However, we cannot account for any damage caused while it’s making its way to us.

Can I send in multiple wigs when booking a single treatment?

No, unfortunately additional wigs are not permitted in a single treatment service.

Do you lay edges?

We believe edges and all-round finishing to a frontal is unique to the individual - we do the hard part and get your wig in tip-top shape!


Currently we don't offer that service, however keep an eye out as this service will be available soon!


We advise placing your wig in a small size mailer bag tightly sealed. Any additional information needed to send in your wig will be sent to you.